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Your description of this company is at best out of date.You say Jumpline has 150,000 'customers' but who tracks the number of sites hosted by vendors says they have under 10,000 websites.

Looking at their history reveals their customers are in line to jump to other vendors at the rate of over 300 per month.

The company may have started in 1997 but today in 2013 they are very different, and unlike fine wine they aparently have not aged very well.I had been a customer of their for nearly a decade but had no choice but to leave as their service had become complete unusable.

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I was hosting my website with a company called Hostican for a year with no problems and great service. Then this company purchased the company. After purchased Hostican my service and my internet had nothing but problems. Website was constantly offline with no customer


Now after my complaint to the BBB Jumpline said they were going to refund my money. So I closed my case. Well they did not refund my money (like

they said they would) now they say that Hostican will not refund my

money it has been to long. My problem is not with Hostican. It is

with Jumpline. They bought the company. Since they bought the

company they did not provide the service. They owe me money they are

just a bunch of thieves stealing money from people when they purchase

their accounts and then don't provide the service.

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Of my three monitored hosts, Jumpline has the most down time. They average about 95% uptime. Otherwise they are OK except that their customer service is not that great -but that's everywhere.


Yes, I lost almost $300 with Jumpline.My sites were running incredibly slow - at least 3 seconds to change from 1 page to the next.

They never solved the problem and refused to issue a refund. They even created a fake support ticket showing that I requested deletion of my account.

Awful!Stay away from Jumpline!

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